Wednesday, June 3, 2009

revenge on growing up

I sat on the cleanest step
I could find
between the wads of gum

Only my dratted purse
kept me from running
pell-mel into the rain
only me being at work
kept me from singing out lustily

But nothing could stop me
from counting the seconds
between lightning and thunder
no one could stop me from
leaning out to let a few drops
fall on me now and again

Twenty minutes or so, they said
until they pick me up
twenty more minutes of restraint
from this childish longing

And then
I shall walk
to the car



half a league half a league half a league onward. . . a wind which whips the puddles dry. . .my friend you would not tell with such high zest. . . here where the world is silent. . .he took his vorpal sword in hand. . .nothing beside remains. . .the sun was shining on the sea. . . all the kings horses and all the kings men . . . lives of great men all remind us. . .

Once uttered, the words can't be unsaid
Once thought, a thoughts un-unthinkable
The written word can't be unread
A dream, once dreamt is unsinkable

So exposed our lives are filled
With a richness incomparable,
Which in time will always yeild
A damage unrepairable.