Saturday, October 31, 2009


my thoughts wander
my motivation wains
something slow and sluggish
is creeping through my veins

my will seems so weak
my conviction lacking
my conscience seems asleep
as it gives me no firm backing

I drift and dream and wonder
I plod and plot in vain
laziness assaults me
and takes over my brain.

no acts of heroism
no appointment will I keep
with destiny this hour
instead I go to sleep

I may never become famous
or make the history books
I'm to busy contemplating
how my eyelid looks

go be the noble figure
that people read about
I may read your book someday
but that fact I seriously doubt.

oh my dear! how truly awful
is the apathy I feel
I need a resuscitation
of my motivating will

someone charge the paddles
to give my soul a shock
save me from this arrest
from mental-activity-block

no? no one out there?
I guess their all asleep
now I can rest unbothered
in truly quite peace.

(sorry for the roughness of this, I wrote it out of boredom)


half a league half a league half a league onward. . . a wind which whips the puddles dry. . .my friend you would not tell with such high zest. . . here where the world is silent. . .he took his vorpal sword in hand. . .nothing beside remains. . .the sun was shining on the sea. . . all the kings horses and all the kings men . . . lives of great men all remind us. . .

Once uttered, the words can't be unsaid
Once thought, a thoughts un-unthinkable
The written word can't be unread
A dream, once dreamt is unsinkable

So exposed our lives are filled
With a richness incomparable,
Which in time will always yeild
A damage unrepairable.