Saturday, August 21, 2010

I caught a hint of Christmas in the air . . .

and so I thought I'd polish up my recitation of the Night Before Christmas. And since I have no reason to recite it, I though I might annoy you with it. So here's my favorite line,

"As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
When they meet with an obstacle mount to the sky
So up to the roof-tops his coursers they flew
With a sleigh full of toys and St Nicholas too."

I have always liked the name Nicholas. . . and no Santa that wasn't just for brownie points!


half a league half a league half a league onward. . . a wind which whips the puddles dry. . .my friend you would not tell with such high zest. . . here where the world is silent. . .he took his vorpal sword in hand. . .nothing beside remains. . .the sun was shining on the sea. . . all the kings horses and all the kings men . . . lives of great men all remind us. . .

Once uttered, the words can't be unsaid
Once thought, a thoughts un-unthinkable
The written word can't be unread
A dream, once dreamt is unsinkable

So exposed our lives are filled
With a richness incomparable,
Which in time will always yeild
A damage unrepairable.